Masterclasses & Tastings

For foodies, bar flies & professionals 

  • Ever wondered how cheeses is made?

  • What’s the difference between Brie & Camembert?

  • Why Blue cheeses taste salty?

  • What makes a cheese vegetarian?

  • Why raw milk cheeses are better?

  • Want to know how to classify cheese?

  • How do you judge a cheese by its rind?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then get a group together, book a class and discover why cheese is every bit as complex, intriguing and unique as wine without the hangover!

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Masterclasses & Tastings - Which one will you choose?

To start on the path toward CHEESE Mastery choose from the following and create the perfect events for FRIENDS, FAMILY, FUNDRAISING, TEAM BUILDING or just a great night out.   All you need is an enthusiastic group of 8 or more.

Judging a Cheese by its Cover     
The inside story of cheese [full day course]

Cheese & Wine Matching           
Finding the Perfect Match – most popular

Speed Dating                       
Fun, fast-paced Wine & Cheese Pairing

Fermented Friends                        
Matching Beer & Cider with cheese

Horizontal & Vertical Tasting       
In-depth comparison tasting of your favourite cheese

Great European Classics               
Benchmarks on which all others are based

Singing the Blues                   
Classic & unusual Blues matched with wines

New World Old World                  
How do NZ cheese compare with the great classics

The possibilities are endless...

Here are some other tastings I have done in the past - the combinations are limited only by your imagination so choose from the above or click here to PIMP YOUR OWN CHEESE CLASS .  

Unusual Bedfellows     
Eclectic drinks & sensational cheese

Rising Stars                                      
The NZ Classics of the future

Washed, Posh & Pungent            
The smelliest, strongest cheeses

France vs. Spain                              
Modern & Traditional Artisan Cheese

Port & Partners                            
Amazing Ports, Sweet wines & great cheese



Whisky & Cheese                           
Elegant matches for your favourite tipple

Ewe have to be Kidding                
Discover the diversity of goat & ewes cheese


You just decide the style of class you want, a date and number of people and give me a call!

How it all works... the cost

Basically the more the merrier & cheaper!  All events or tastings can be a 2 hour tasting or a long, leisurely session up to 4 hours

At Te Whare Kiwikiwi – Hawke’s Bay
[8 – 18 people]

Lunch/Short Tasting   [up to 2 hours] $85 per person [minimum 10 people]
Evening/Long Tasting [up to 4 hours] $115 per person [minimum 8 people] 

At a location of your choosing
[8 to 150 people]

Lunch/Short Tasting   [up to 2 hours]  $650 + $30 per person
Evening/Long Tasting [up to 4 hours] $650 + $50 per person

Complete the Contact Form with preferred dates, number of people etc or email me

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