Judging a Cheese By its Cover [becoming a cheese expert]


This is Stage One of your career in becoming a cheese graduate or expert.  You will learn the basics on which to build your knowledge of cheese using the “rind” method for, unlike wine, the character of a cheese can be judged by a glance at its rind and an occasional squeeze.

Using the rind as a guide you can learn to tell what texture and taste you can expect, its strength of flavour, even the stage of maturity. So whether you are in a deli in New York or a restaurant in Richmond, using the 'rind' method even a beginner can reduce the vast array of cheeses now available into one of the 7 main types.

It works because the type of mould that grows is determined by the moisture content.  This in turn determines the texture of a cheese therefore you can literally judge a cheese by its cover! 

Using classic British and European examples you will gain sufficient knowledge of the FUNDAMENTALS of cheese that you can feel confident to work behind a cheese counter, build on your knowledge for a career in cheese or impress friends and family with your expertise.

Having traveled the world for over 35 years visiting cheesemakers, retailers and cellars I have tasted 1,000’s of amazing, artisan cheeses and it is this knowledge that I want to share with you and your staff.  I want to educate and inspire a generation of cheese lovers to help safeguard the future of artisan cheeses and cheesemakers everywhere and to generate a passion for cheese that will reinvigorate your business and inspire your customers.

The workshop is designed for anyone retailing cheese and deli products.  It will take a day but it is time well spent.  The course is run at my home or I can come to you.  Call me now to discuss how we can turn your vision into one of New Zealand’s successful delis or a lifelong passion.

Cost:      $175 per person [minimum 4 people ]

                I will arrange a class for you but also occasionally schedule classes.