Looking After Your Cheese

To bring out its best and ideally you need a good local retailer or mail order company so you can buy cheese when you need it rather than having to store it then you need to regularly check the smell, texture and taste as it will keep changing.  A simple rule is “if it gets really sticky and sweaty unwrap it and let it breathe.  If it starts to dry out and crack wrap it in plastic wrap”. 

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Healthy Suggestions When Eating Cheese

Cheese is a wonderful natural product made only from milk.  So rather than cut it out from your diet consider the following suggestions

  • When cooking use a stronger cheese as you will need to use less to get flavour
  • Eat more softer cheeses [like feta, mozzarella, brie] rather than harder varieties
  • Eat Salads with Cheese to help breakdown and digest the fats
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