Healthy Suggestions When Eating Cheese

Cheese is a wonderful natural product made only from milk.  So rather than cut it out from your diet consider the following suggestions

  • When cooking use a stronger cheese as you will need to use less to get flavour
  • Eat more softer cheeses [like feta, mozzarella, brie] rather than harder varieties
  • Eat Salads with Cheese to help breakdown and digest the fats
  • Don't eat butter with cheese
  • Eat bread rather than biscuits with Cheese as biscuits contain more fat
  • Avoid drink tea and coffee with cheese the combination can give you indigestion
  • Red wine helps break down the cholesterol in fat and means your body absorbs less
  • Salads, fruit and wine all help break down the fats
  • Low fat cheeses are usually pretty bland because when you reduce the fat you reduce the flavour as fat enhances and increases flavour – so just eat softer cheeses or stronger cheeses!
  • Use oils rather than hard fats when cooking they contain less saturated fats - olive oil is the best

Cheese is a natural food – it has nothing added to it [although in NZ cheesemakers tend to add cream and more salt than other countries] it is simply the fruit of the soil - the grasses and meadow flowers converted into milk and then the milk is transformed into 100's of different cheeses.  The breed of animal and the complexity of the grazing will influence the flavour and texture of the cheese.  A good artisan cheese has its own unique character and should be eaten on its own not just cooked or smothered in pickle.