Using the info below you can create or "pimp" your own CHEESE MASTERCLASS or TASTING.  Decide what cheese you want , the wine, the drink, location etc and even the style - whether you want to become an expert, learn how to judge it or discover how to cook with it.

CHEESE New Zealand, British, French, goat, blues, or a mix
DRINKS Red wine, white wine, both? Or beer, whisky, apple juice?
STYLE Horizontal, vertical, mixed, comparison or unusual, how to cook with it etc

LOCATION Come to me in Hawke's Bay or anywhere in the world!
NUMBERS 8 – 80 or beyond
FORMAT 2 hours, 4 hours or a Gastronomic weekend?
PRICE from $45 – $125 depending on numbers etc

If that’s all too hard then simply choose a CHEESE Masterclass or Tasting from the various options on my website or call me and we can talk it through.
Tear fund charity dinner (auckland, 2015)

Tear fund charity dinner (auckland, 2015)