For foodies, bar flies & professionals 

Ever wondered how milk can turn into 1,000’s of different cheeses? 

What the difference is between Brie and Camembert? 

Why Blue cheeses taste salty?

What a vegetarian cheese is?

Or why raw milk cheeses are better? 

Want to know how to classify cheese? Make your own? Or learn how to judge a cheese by its rind?

If you answered YES to any of these questions I have the answers and more. So come and discover why cheese is every bit as complex, intriguing and delicious as wine without the hangover!

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Masterclasses & Tastings

To start on the path toward CHEESE Mastery choose from the following and create the perfect events for FRIENDS, FAMILY, FUNDRAISING, TEAM BUILDING or just a great night out.   All you need is an enthusiastic group of 8 or more.

Judging a Cheese by its Cover     
Understanding the inside story of cheese [full day course]

Cheese & Wine Matching           
Finding the Perfect Match – most popular

Speed Dating                       
Fun, fast-paced Wine & Cheese Pairing

Fermented Friends                        
Matching Beer & Cider with cheese

Horizontal & Vertical Tasting       
In-depth comparison tasting of your favourite cheese

Great European Classics               
Benchmarks on which all others are based

Singing the Blues                   
Classic & unusual Blues matched with wines

New World Old World                  
How do NZ cheese compare with the great classics

The possibilities are endless...

The possible combinations of cheese and cheese matching with various beverages are limited only by your imagination.  So hopefully the first session is only the beginning of your journey to discover the magic of cheese like many of you have done, and are still doing with wine!

Unusual Bedfellows     
Eclectic drinks & sensational cheese

Rising Stars                                      
The NZ Classics of the future

Washed, Posh & Pungent            
The smelliest, strongest cheeses

France vs. Spain                              
Modern & Traditional Artisan Cheese

Port & Partners                            
Amazing Ports, Sweet wines & great cheese



Whisky & Cheese                           
Elegant matches for your favourite tipple

Ewe have to be Kidding                
Discover the diversity of goat & ewes cheese


……………..just decide the style of class you want, a date and number of people and give me a call!

How it all works...

All events or tastings can be a 2 hour tasting or a long, leisurely session up to 4 hours

At Te Whare Kiwikiwi – Hawke’s Bay
[10 – 18 people]

Lunch/Short Tasting   [up to 2 hours] $85 per person [minimum 10 people]
Evening/Long Tasting [up to 4 hours] $115 per person [minimum 8 people] 

At a location of your choosing
[8 to 150 people]

Lunch/Short Tasting   [up to 2 hours]  $650 + $30/person
Evening/Long Tasting [up to 4 hours] $650 + $50/ person

Complete the Contact Form with preferred dates, number of people etc or email Juliet on