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Cheese - Under the Covers

  • 79 Black Barn Road Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, 4294 New Zealand (map)
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We all understand the journey from grape to a glass but have you ever wondered how something as simple as milk can be converted into thousands of big, tiny, mouldy, hard, voluptuous, blue or smelly cheeses?  In fact the character of a cheese is determined not by the cheesemaker but the raw materials -  the grazing, the type and even breed of animal, the climate, the microclimate and finally the recipe – and how well the cheesemaker follows it!]

So if you want to know the inside story of cheese, learn to identify a cheese by its rind, dispel the myths of cheese and wine matching and become a cheese bore join Juliet Harbutt, world expert and “Master of Cheese” and Black Barn’s award winning wine maker David McKee for an amazing, inspirational dinner.  Listen to two experts, who have a great rapport, talk you through 10 superb cheeses, 4 great Black Barn wines and what goes on under the rind of a cheese! 

Limited to 18 people.

COST: $90 per person


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