Hawke's Bay Hunter-Gatherer Foodie Tours

If you are coming to Hawke's Bay and love food and drink then I have created what I think is the ultimate experience!  A tour that takes in the best sights of Hawke's Bay while visiting vineyards, cheesemakers, the figgery, Telegraph Hill Olives and other artisan producers.  The idea is to gather together everything we will need for the perfect (late) lunch at my home sitting above the vineyards of Black Barn.  After lunch we make a couple more stops then take you back to where we started.. or to the Gannet Safaris maybe ...click here for more details

Pimp your own Cheese Class

To Europeans a cheese tasting is like a wine tasting – entertaining, educational and something you do regularly. For antipodeans they conjure up images of earnest talks on Healthy Eating or eating rubbery cheese on tooth picks washed diwn with cheap wine .... 

This is definitely not what my classes or tastings are about!  They are often hilarious, always illuminating and sometimes even life changing.  To convince the non-believers I have created  “Pimp your own cheese tastings”. So now you can design your tasting like you would a menu, holiday itinerary or even handbag! 

Use the options below [or the classes on my Masterclass page] below as a guide or call me!

CHEESE - New Zealand, British, French, goat, blues, or a mix
DRINKS - Red wine, white wine, both? Or beer, whisky, apple juice?
STYLE - Horizontal, vertical, mixed, comparison or unusual
LOCATION - Come to me in Hawke's Bay or I can come to you
NUMBERS - 8 – 80 or beyond
FORMAT - 2 hours, 4 hours or a Gastronomic weekend?

Ideal for Team Building, Private Parties or just a bit of fun evenings … 

PRICE - from $45 – $125 depending on numbers etc 

If that’s all too hard then simply choose a CHEESE Masterclass or Tasting from the various options on my website or call me and we can talk it through.

"Professor" Harbutt on tour July 10 - August 18 2017

I will be travelling back to Europe again this year through Singapore, Malaysia and/or Hong Kong and doing a series of classes, tastings or weekends.  If you would like me to host an event for you then please let me know as soon as possible as I only have 5 days available in July.

For the ultimate Tuscan holiday check out Castello di Potentino it is the most wonderful place - see below for details of my Gastro weekend there.   

University of Science and Gastronomy [UNISG]
Pollenzo, near Bra, Piedmont, Italy   25 - 27 July

It makes me laugh but also feel like a fraud when the students at UNISG call me Professor Harbutt! But I love it and the international Masters students are so motivated and inspirational. Click here to read more.

Tuscan Cheese Weekend
Castello di Potentino, Seggiano, Italy  29 - 31 July

Join me in July for a weekend discovering the local food and drink and the diversity, quality and story behind the greater and lesser known cheeses of Italy. Castello di Potentino is Tuscany at its absolute best – isolated, inspiring, magnificent and welcoming [and in English!!]  .

Singapore – Paris – London – Cotswolds – Devon
Early July to end August

I am travelling via Singapore to Europe so if you would like me to host a Cheese Evening, train your staff, help set up a new deli or entertain your clients drop me an email.

Foodie Bucket List

There are a handful of food festivals that should be on your bucket list like the Swiss Vacherin Mont d’Or Festival that celebrates the cows returning from the mountain pastures and the new seasons Vacherin Mont d’Or. I don’t pretend to know about them all but I will feature one or 2 a month as I find out about them. Click here to read more

Are we nearly there?

Last but least … this Newsletter is also to launch my new website and I would REALLY like your feedback. So please “LIKE” my page, send me a tweet, stick me on INSTAGRAM, share me with friends or send me an email. Tell me what you like or don’t like and the first person to book a class gets a free copy of my book!